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"Of all the suppliers we work with, ... the quality that we get out of Kamino is the highest."
David Scott
Co-Founder and CTO, GardenTags
"They focus on solving problems. If we ever have any bugs or other issues, they address it right away."
Alex Vidovich
CTO, 28labs inc.
"They really know what they are doing."
Sebastjan Lajkovič
Head of App Development, GenLan
"It was very easy to communicate with them."
CEO, Melon & Lime


Aspects Kamino can cover

We understand how complex and rigid decentralized mobile application projects tend to be and with our rich library and skills and experience in this field we tend to help founders avoid overdue deliveries, save a lot on product reiteration costs, and we work together to accelerate the pace in which a pre-product company can reach product-market fit.

Facts about Kamino
Inhouse team of +50 based in Slovenia
A tenure higher than Apple
Built 60 apps in less than 6 years
A rich library of modules and app building experience
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A big thank you to Kamino for getting GlobaliD to market with an industrial-strength offering that gives a glimpse of the Web3 world.
Greg Kidd


Our Skills & Technological Capabilities

Are you building a decentralized Blockchain, Fintech, Crypto,
or want to develop any mobile app for a complex business concept?
Take a quick tour and explore our mobile app skillsets and modules
to understand our specialty and development quality.

  • Cold wallet implementations for the Bitcoin and multiple cryptocurrency protocols
  • Non-custodial wallet implementation with native technologies:
    • with WalletKit
    • with Solana network
  • Ripple
  • Complete Banking Solution Service - Partnered with Uphold
  • Debit card support with Apto service
  • B2B Grade Code Quality & Security
  • E2E data transfer for real-time communications and for sensitive data transfers with a data integrity mechanism
  • Messaging
    • E2E Encryption for multi-user, multi-platform messaging
    • Encrypted file & Multimedia Sharing
    • Privacy-Preserving Bot System
  • Video calling
    • Integrations with Multiple Video Conference Providers
    • Deep integration with Operating Systems (PiP, lock screen support)
  • VoIP
  • KYC and integrations with multiple providers
  • Deep understanding of SSI technologies based on Aries protocol
    • A code contributor to the protocol
  • High-security authentication mechanism
    • Multi-factor integration
    • Recovery protocols
    • E2E Data Sharing


Who do we like to work with

We can be your team or your “co-team.” Kamino looks forward to working with founders, companies, and tech teams tasked with building a mobile app with a scope that includes blockchain or is functionally focused on Fintech, Identity, Crypto, Neobanking, and Digital wallets.

Our experience enables them to complete their product mission at total cost efficiency and effectiveness, taking security, ownership, and identity into the core of our product delivery.

Are you a pre-product startup?
Do you have an existing product but want to accelerate the pace of developing a 2.0 version?
Have you successfully completed your MVP on React and want to migrate to a native app as the next stage in your product journey?


Our process

We work closely with you at every stage of your product cycle, from the pre-product stage to product-market fit and beyond. We're not afraid to get our hands dirty, and our approach considers both the strategic and the practical side of every milestone that aim to achieve.

Beyond crypto, blockchain’s potential is enormous in everything from supply chains to document management. Blockchain Apps give you complete ownership of your identity and data while allowing you to broadcast your activity to the blockchain. With our expertise, we build mobile applications that function like conventional apps without being controlled by a central authority and can go as far as being backend free.
Gone are the days when a Fintech app was a functionality that worked for all. Fintech today is very niche-focused and community-driven and therefore requires a delicate balance between a joyful interface and powerful regulatory compliant technical functionality.
Aside from the buzzword, Web3 can manage ownership and access in an internet world where digital and tangible assets are traded in high volumes. Web3 mobile app scopes that we build include identity apps, privacy apps, NFT-related apps and more.
Crypto is considered one of the most volatile assets in 2022. Building Crypto apps requires much more than knowledge of the app’s scope. With the volatility of the crypto market comes the need to orderly and subsequently re-introduce and reiterate consistently to be at the forefront, and that's what we at Kamino excel at providing to our clients.
Build your PSD2-compliant mobile banking app and begin rolling out your unique selling proposition to your customer at lightspeed. Kamino is partnered with pioneer banking platforms to provide you with premium banking functionalities that immediately integrate into your mobile app.
Our in-depth expertise in building digital wallets enable us to serve multiple industries ranging from governmental entities to manufacturing, industrial, and security companies. Build eIDAS-compliant identity solutions and leverage the opportunity to turn smartphones into a hardware wallet that holds keys, proves ownership and ID, and verify and broadcasts transactions to the blockchain while keeping your private keys offline.
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